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i already know that Fang works for Cori (in a particular AU). but i'm thinking that maybe Rowan also does. Fang is very much the muscle when it comes to security, but Rowan could offer cyber security.

however, she doesn't work for Cori at first. Rowan knows her gf is working for some big-wig security company and decides to test just how good they are. in doing so, she...... i don't want to say "hacks".. but she manages to get through the network. she's shut down pretty quickly because Cori isn't a hack at her job either. 

but Rowan tries again and leaves her resume on Cori's desktop lmao. it'd piss Cori off but I think Dracko or Flynn could convince her to give Rowan a shot. and here we are.

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Flynn's favorite disney movie is definitely Treasure Planet

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I'm watching it now and itd be a perfect AU for her and Klaus (T▽T)

Flynn's favorite disney movie is definitely Treasure Planet

rave asked:

8 for your top three faves

8. If your OC had to take the S.A.T. tomorrow with one night to prep, how would they do?  both emotionally and academically.

- Favorite number one is Cori! She's always been a proper student and worker bee. And she's an adult with a family now, so if she suddenly had to take the SAT with such little notice, she'd be blindsided and nervous. With time to properly prepare, the SAT was a breeze for her, but now? She's not the type who does nothing, so she would spend the entire night preparing. 

- Klaus is next--he's nearly a millenium in age. He's older than the SAT, and I think he'd be a bit cocky. What could they possibly test him on that he doesn't know? So he won't worry about it. But then when he takes it, he'll realize he's not as versed in things like math as he probably should be, lmao. A blow to his ego. 

- Flynn! She's quite the opposite to Cori in prep and opposite to Klaus in results. She never properly graduated high school so the SAT wasn't something she ever studied for, but she's academically minded in her personal time. She's particularly interested in math and physics. And, despite being a burn out, she's surprisingly logically minded. So she wouldn't prep. She would show up, barely on time and a little nervous. But then she'd do fine--not excellent--but still better than I think Klaus and Cori.

have a Greatest Showman AU in mind where Cori is Zac Efron's character. Jackal would fit Jackman's part well. 

I associately arguably some of my most badass characters with cute animals. Like Ryan's motif is rabbits. Mira's is cats. Sloane and deer fit together. Klaus and hummingbirds. These four are killers with little, if any, good to them.

Cori is the outliar here--I always associate her with a lioness--and she's lawful good. 

Mira and Rowan are friends across Nintendo gaming platforms and consistently visit each others' towns in Animal Crossing. Mira is better at Mario Kart but Rowan kicks her ass in SSB.

that YOUTH song by Troye Sivan is really clicking for Rowan and Fang <3 

they're relatively young compared to my other characters who are in relationships--not terribly, still 20 and 22--and the song gives off wayward/chaotic vibes that i think fits them both well.

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reblog with your daemon!

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dæmons in His Dark Materials are the external physical manifestation of a person's 'inner-self' that takes the form of an animal.

so what's your daemon

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Cori's daemon would be a lion--I picture a lioness for her, but daemons are generally the opposite sex of their human. So a male lion is cool, too, I suppose.

Klaus I see with a hummingbird!! I don't know why, but it's the clearest thing to me.

Fang is a weretiger, so that's that on that. 

Rowan hasn't been introduced to the blog yet, but she is Fang's GF. I think hers would be a fox--probably a Cape fox specifically because I see her being from South Africa. 

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 what is your oc's guilty pleasure?

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Klaus is a Taylor Swift fan.