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More hastily done than I'd like to admit but time was absolutely not on my side. :')

More testing and practicing in Clip Studio Paint. Getting used to sketching and inking but shading was a little rough for me (that and I was kinda rushing). Then again, shading has always been my biggest challenge...^^;

So have an angry Kari who's just absolutely done with everything. I don't blame her...


Hello, my name is Morgan and I like drawing sometimes! You can view my DeviantArt for a more in depth gallery. We'll see how this goes!

For now, here is a doodle I did of my fursona/OC, Kari.

A Casual Gane

Hello I am here and not dead.

Here's one of my charas, Nugane, bein casual.

HECCIN idiots

Naz'akh has great big strong hands, perfect for manhandlin a certain Princeyboi

full res and alternate version available on my Patreon~

i liked how this one turned out so here's jackal too

corky -

brb gonna go commit a crime against god

a sweet thing of Naz and Rilohn I did a while ago cuz i love them ;w;

have a Greatest Showman AU in mind where Cori is Zac Efron's character. Jackal would fit Jackman's part well.