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Flynn's favorite disney movie is definitely Treasure Planet

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I'm watching it now and itd be a perfect AU for her and Klaus (T▽T)

Flynn's favorite disney movie is definitely Treasure Planet

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8 for your top three faves

8. If your OC had to take the S.A.T. tomorrow with one night to prep, how would they do?  both emotionally and academically.

- Favorite number one is Cori! She's always been a proper student and worker bee. And she's an adult with a family now, so if she suddenly had to take the SAT with such little notice, she'd be blindsided and nervous. With time to properly prepare, the SAT was a breeze for her, but now? She's not the type who does nothing, so she would spend the entire night preparing. 

- Klaus is next--he's nearly a millenium in age. He's older than the SAT, and I think he'd be a bit cocky. What could they possibly test him on that he doesn't know? So he won't worry about it. But then when he takes it, he'll realize he's not as versed in things like math as he probably should be, lmao. A blow to his ego. 

- Flynn! She's quite the opposite to Cori in prep and opposite to Klaus in results. She never properly graduated high school so the SAT wasn't something she ever studied for, but she's academically minded in her personal time. She's particularly interested in math and physics. And, despite being a burn out, she's surprisingly logically minded. So she wouldn't prep. She would show up, barely on time and a little nervous. But then she'd do fine--not excellent--but still better than I think Klaus and Cori.

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((Flynn sounds like my kinda dude/tte))

Flynn's great in a lot of ways!! She's very intelligent and independent. She has a lot more faults, I think. Her light's a bit dim and it's a struggle for her to reach her potential. I guess she just kinda...gets by in life, barely. It's a bit of a tragedy to be honest, ahaha. 

Her #aesthetic is excellent though. 

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((Could you tell me more about Flynn Holmes?))

hhh, of course! And thank you for asking: 

- Her tiny family broke apart when her mother was turned into a vampire and slain. She moved out of that town and away from those memories to the one she lives in now: Small Town, Midwest, USA. Flynn works as a mechanic.

- She's bisexual and GNC. With shorter hair, she easily appears adrogynous. Since she has a boy's name on top of all this, she's easily mistaken for a man. She's in her mid-twenties and quite intelligent, but that potential is untapped due to several factors. The main one probably being undiagnosed or treated PTSD/depression.

- Flynn likes to party, drink, and smoke; but she occasionally has quieter weekends of enjoying the outdoors and going hiking or camping. 

- The plot/storyline I have in mind for her is to either 1) meet a vampire slayer and train to become one herself. Though she has a lot of addictions and issues to overcome to get good at it. Or 2) she becomes a vampire.

I hope this answers anything you were wondering about her! I could go on, tbh, but these are the basics--and I should sleep lol

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Flynn & Elara!

These are older sketches now, but I still like them. Flynn is a human who's life is pretty involved with the supernatural, and Elara is a witch-turned-werewolf. They haven't changed much since drawing this, though Flynn has shorter hair now and Elara is finally getting a handle on the werewolf thing. 

Fun facts: Flynn's surname is Holmes and Elara is French.