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Alexander McQueen Fall 2016

i feel like so many of my characters are some degree of goth lol

rave asked:

3 and 20

Ah, thank you so much! 

3: Prettiest eyes?

Sloane by far!! They're pale green with flecks of gold. Her daughter, Elara, has gorgeous eyes as well: silvery-blue, but Sloane's is definitely the most eye catching. 

20: OC with the softest skin?

Ooh, this is a hard one to answer. Maybe Claire? She is quite concerned with looking and feeling healthy--and has a lot of good, natural health and beauty. So I can't really think who would top Claire here. [i]Maybe[/i] Elara, but she is a werewolf and I think being turned put a damper on her skin care routine, ahaha.

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Flynn & Elara!

These are older sketches now, but I still like them. Flynn is a human who's life is pretty involved with the supernatural, and Elara is a witch-turned-werewolf. They haven't changed much since drawing this, though Flynn has shorter hair now and Elara is finally getting a handle on the werewolf thing. 

Fun facts: Flynn's surname is Holmes and Elara is French.