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rave asked:


thank you!! i have a few worlds, and most of them are very much like ours. and that'd be boring for these specific questions, so i'll muse about maia's craftworld for a bit.

🚗What transport is available?

It's the future and it's in space!! Most "ground" vehicles hover in some way. Maia prefers single-rider bikes. Proper space ships for fast, far travel are common too. Maia in particular makes use of one that stores one of the mentioned bikes so she can easily explore and travel no matter the planet.

🎭What do they do for entertainment, usually?

The Eldar population is smaller than it once was and much more spread out than it once was. I don't think proper sports or other entertainment is common. But I think wargames might be--tournaments for warriors between different craftworlds.

🔪What sorts of weapons are there?

Maia in particular uses a powerful sniper rifle with plasma for ammunition and a range suitable for her intense eyesight. There are lot of melee weapons out there, but few things beat a simple knife. I'm not a fan of something like lightsabers lol, and if it's not broke don't fix it. So melee weapons are relatively simple.


An Anonymous user asked:

🖊+Rowan (still doing these?)

always! and Rowan is a great one to ask about because I'm still struggling to firmly develop her and Fang. but here we go~ 

Rowan, like Flynn, has a bit of a grunge aesthetic going on. For Rowan, however, it's intentional lol. She dresses like a fashionable punk and acts like one too. She #resists in all ways except for fighting. While she makes cash forging IDs and the like, she'll work free of charge for refugees or runaways. 

She also wears glasses and likes the color orange.

rave asked:

93 for all of your characters (gimme them epic lines) 


i do appreciate the ask. even more so i appreciate your confidence in me not to be a total let down in this category lmao. but i looked for a half hour for any interesting line in a RP or short story and i have nothing ;_;'' i'm a lame writer and my characters don't say anything cool 


rave asked:

id love to see maia sketches! 

Thank you;; I ain't huge on sharing my doodles, but she was fun to experiment with. Her final design is more or less like these :>

rave asked:


Well to give some context, Maia is my Warhammer 40k character for the Wrath & Glory game. She is essentially a space elf and ranger who explores and conquers in the name of her craftworld, Loreal. 

Since the aldari are aliens and not proper elves, I've took some liberty with her design. While she has elf-like ears and the tallness, grace, and long limbs to match, I've taken it all a step further and loosely based the species on bugs. I gave the aldari alien eyes to match--and she's albino so her bug-like eyes are pink and the rest of her is white and ghostlike. 

Space fantasy isn't really my thing, but I'm quite proud of the direction I went with her. Maybe if I ever feel confident enough, I'll share some sketches of her lol.

angelicaphelion asked:

🖊 + Klaus?

Ah, thanks! I am feeling confident tonight. I will share an opener I used for my most recent and favorite RP with Klaus.

I'll throw it under the cut~

Alcohol hadn't done a thing for Klaus in centuries. So the people-person needed another excuse to loiter around pubs without angering bartenders. And that solution was billiards: he fed the bartender money to play for a few hours, made cash betting, and impressed men and women alike. It's what he was playing when Laurence arrived at the pub. At the other vampire's approach, he took his cue to sink the eight ball and offer the human player a smirk and his hand as he waited for the cash.

With a grumble, the human handed him some crumpled bills, and Klaus' smug smile became a friendly one as he faced the other vampire. "Hello, love," he greeted, dropping the cash into his pocket. Laurence may have noted the slight tension around Klaus' eyes--how the grin wasn't quite relaxed. Klaus wasn't often one to meet other vampires in secluded pubs and trust was difficult to earn--but at least they were in public. "Do you play?" he asked, nodding to the abandoned pool stick as he fished balls out of their pockets about the table.

rave asked:

8 for your top three faves

8. If your OC had to take the S.A.T. tomorrow with one night to prep, how would they do?  both emotionally and academically.

- Favorite number one is Cori! She's always been a proper student and worker bee. And she's an adult with a family now, so if she suddenly had to take the SAT with such little notice, she'd be blindsided and nervous. With time to properly prepare, the SAT was a breeze for her, but now? She's not the type who does nothing, so she would spend the entire night preparing. 

- Klaus is next--he's nearly a millenium in age. He's older than the SAT, and I think he'd be a bit cocky. What could they possibly test him on that he doesn't know? So he won't worry about it. But then when he takes it, he'll realize he's not as versed in things like math as he probably should be, lmao. A blow to his ego. 

- Flynn! She's quite the opposite to Cori in prep and opposite to Klaus in results. She never properly graduated high school so the SAT wasn't something she ever studied for, but she's academically minded in her personal time. She's particularly interested in math and physics. And, despite being a burn out, she's surprisingly logically minded. So she wouldn't prep. She would show up, barely on time and a little nervous. But then she'd do fine--not excellent--but still better than I think Klaus and Cori.

heart-speranta-and-zander-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523020510-4142 asked:

((Flynn sounds like my kinda dude/tte))

Flynn's great in a lot of ways!! She's very intelligent and independent. She has a lot more faults, I think. Her light's a bit dim and it's a struggle for her to reach her potential. I guess she just kinda...gets by in life, barely. It's a bit of a tragedy to be honest, ahaha. 

Her #aesthetic is excellent though. 

rave asked:

3 and 20

Ah, thank you so much! 

3: Prettiest eyes?

Sloane by far!! They're pale green with flecks of gold. Her daughter, Elara, has gorgeous eyes as well: silvery-blue, but Sloane's is definitely the most eye catching. 

20: OC with the softest skin?

Ooh, this is a hard one to answer. Maybe Claire? She is quite concerned with looking and feeling healthy--and has a lot of good, natural health and beauty. So I can't really think who would top Claire here. [i]Maybe[/i] Elara, but she is a werewolf and I think being turned put a damper on her skin care routine, ahaha.

heart-speranta-and-zander-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523020510-4142 asked:

2: Which OC spends the most time on their appearance?

4: physically strongest/most fit?

5: What scars/birthmarks do your OC(s) have? (Added, what are they most bothered by out of em?)

9: Who is the most adverse to being physically touched?

14: Tallest OC?

15: Smallest OC?

16: Which OC has a physical weakness/handicap?

19: Does you OC(s) have any physical ticks/tells?


Hey, thanks!! 

2: Which OC spends the most time on their appearance?

Probably Cori or Mira. Both wear heavy make-up and make a point to dress well. Mira also takes time on making her hair look good. One of Cori's main motivations to work out is vanity.

4: physically strongest/most fit?

Strongest is Nouchee due to being a vampire who's very old. But there are a lot of contenders for most fit: Fang, Cori, Sloane, and--if I include my friend's--Dracko are all gym bunnies. 

5: What scars/birthmarks do your OC(s) have? (Added, what are they most bothered by out of em?)

Good question!! Mira lost an eye. It's not something I think she'll ever get over. Cori has one from Dracko when one of their fights got too intense. Most of my OCs don't have any particularly meaningful or emotionally charged scars, though. The fighters tends to have a few scars just from the lifestyle. 

9: Who is the most adverse to being physically touched?

Naya. She's an extremely guarded person, especially against men. It takes her a long time to be used to someone--and even then, she doesn't really want them touching her. 

14: Tallest OC?

Tallest is Sloane! She emobodies the phrase "tall, dark, & handsome". She is at 6'2"? I think. 

15: Smallest OC?

I forget the exact heights for most of my OCs. But that's probably Vivian or Nouchee. 

16: Which OC has a physical weakness/handicap?

Cori's albino so her sight is slowly getting worse. She's also sensitive to the sunlight so she tends to dress conservatively to combat that. 

Mira is missing an eye and deals with everything that comes with that. 

19: Does you OC(s) have any physical ticks/tells?

Klaus is generally moving around somehow, but grows still when he's anxious. Cori rubs at her neck when she feels awkward. Umm, I'm not sure what else off the top of my head. I should develop these furhter, haha. 

heart-speranta-and-zander-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523020510-4142 asked:

((Hell yeah, Adaya looks elegant as fuck))

Thank you!! She's actually a friend's OC--so is Dracko--but she and her story is so intwined with my characters, I make moodboards for him, too, haha. She's a demon and very attuned to the sun & sunlight. So much so that she can create weapons from the sunlight. Needless to say, she is Dangerous--especially to vampires. Extremely powerful and stubborn.

Cori absolutely is & and she is also the icon for this blog atm.

She got tomboy-ish hobbies, but has a queen bee's attitude so it makes for an interesting mix. Very American in the sense she's into guns and cars and country music, lol. She is The gunslinger of my characters (for now--she's also albino and that takes its toll on her eyesight). She's also lawful good.

But she's also FBI and works to regulate a class of people who can't help the powers they have. A sort of well-meaning antagonist against mutants or superhumans or gifted or whatever they're called nowadays. 


heart-speranta-and-zander-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523020510-4142 asked:

((Vivian is snarky and I love her too, at least based on the piece you did for her))

Hahaha, thank you! You are right, she really is snarky and an instigator more than anything. Vivian's for superhero/supervillain plotlines. Her powers allow her to teleport, and her secret identity is this super edgy villain called The Reaper. I feel like she isn't developed enough as a standalone villain and definitely serves a story best as a subordinate to a more lawful big bad. But I'd like to change to that at some point in the future.

heart-speranta-and-zander-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523020510-4142 asked:

((Could you tell me more about Flynn Holmes?))

hhh, of course! And thank you for asking: 

- Her tiny family broke apart when her mother was turned into a vampire and slain. She moved out of that town and away from those memories to the one she lives in now: Small Town, Midwest, USA. Flynn works as a mechanic.

- She's bisexual and GNC. With shorter hair, she easily appears adrogynous. Since she has a boy's name on top of all this, she's easily mistaken for a man. She's in her mid-twenties and quite intelligent, but that potential is untapped due to several factors. The main one probably being undiagnosed or treated PTSD/depression.

- Flynn likes to party, drink, and smoke; but she occasionally has quieter weekends of enjoying the outdoors and going hiking or camping. 

- The plot/storyline I have in mind for her is to either 1) meet a vampire slayer and train to become one herself. Though she has a lot of addictions and issues to overcome to get good at it. Or 2) she becomes a vampire.

I hope this answers anything you were wondering about her! I could go on, tbh, but these are the basics--and I should sleep lol