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Zang Toi Fall 2013

rave asked:

id love to see maia sketches! 

Thank you;; I ain't huge on sharing my doodles, but she was fun to experiment with. Her final design is more or less like these :>

rave asked:


Well to give some context, Maia is my Warhammer 40k character for the Wrath & Glory game. She is essentially a space elf and ranger who explores and conquers in the name of her craftworld, Loreal. 

Since the aldari are aliens and not proper elves, I've took some liberty with her design. While she has elf-like ears and the tallness, grace, and long limbs to match, I've taken it all a step further and loosely based the species on bugs. I gave the aldari alien eyes to match--and she's albino so her bug-like eyes are pink and the rest of her is white and ghostlike. 

Space fantasy isn't really my thing, but I'm quite proud of the direction I went with her. Maybe if I ever feel confident enough, I'll share some sketches of her lol.

angelicaphelion asked:

🖊 + Klaus?

Ah, thanks! I am feeling confident tonight. I will share an opener I used for my most recent and favorite RP with Klaus.

I'll throw it under the cut~

Alcohol hadn't done a thing for Klaus in centuries. So the people-person needed another excuse to loiter around pubs without angering bartenders. And that solution was billiards: he fed the bartender money to play for a few hours, made cash betting, and impressed men and women alike. It's what he was playing when Laurence arrived at the pub. At the other vampire's approach, he took his cue to sink the eight ball and offer the human player a smirk and his hand as he waited for the cash.

With a grumble, the human handed him some crumpled bills, and Klaus' smug smile became a friendly one as he faced the other vampire. "Hello, love," he greeted, dropping the cash into his pocket. Laurence may have noted the slight tension around Klaus' eyes--how the grin wasn't quite relaxed. Klaus wasn't often one to meet other vampires in secluded pubs and trust was difficult to earn--but at least they were in public. "Do you play?" he asked, nodding to the abandoned pool stick as he fished balls out of their pockets about the table.

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i feel like so many of my characters are some degree of goth lol

i already know that Fang works for Cori (in a particular AU). but i'm thinking that maybe Rowan also does. Fang is very much the muscle when it comes to security, but Rowan could offer cyber security.

however, she doesn't work for Cori at first. Rowan knows her gf is working for some big-wig security company and decides to test just how good they are. in doing so, she...... i don't want to say "hacks".. but she manages to get through the network. she's shut down pretty quickly because Cori isn't a hack at her job either. 

but Rowan tries again and leaves her resume on Cori's desktop lmao. it'd piss Cori off but I think Dracko or Flynn could convince her to give Rowan a shot. and here we are.

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aesthetic pictures of bogs that i found on google #1

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i liked how this one turned out so here's jackal too

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naiad -

Denver Zoo 

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May you be as fascinating as a slap bracelet
May you keep the chaos and the clutter off your desk
May you have unquestionable health and less stress,
having no possessions though immeasurable wealth

girls….. over 5"8………… wearing heels