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MAK TUMANG Mayon Volcano dress

me @ myself after seeing infuriating news online: 

i'm struggling to develop a sense of style for my hexblade in DND. 

my fantasy ladies are either super feminine/blatant femme (see: ryan or fay) or super tom boy/blatant butch (see: naya or dagny). i'm trying for something in the middle, though, and I'm struggling lol. 

riley was raised among nobility, was well educated, and now she works in a cartography guild, so she finds appearances important in professional and personal life. so i want her to dress well--especially since her charisma is 18 lmao. i want her to have a scholar vibe, but that will be obvious with her bag and maps, i guess.

i guess a modern equivilent for the style i want would be what i do for my tomboy cori (you can click to see a moodboard for her): a preppy but not too feminine look with a collared shirt, pants, flats, sweaters. what's the medieval / fantasy equivilent to that?

character copy/paste meme

Bold what applies  / Italicize what applies sometimes

for Cori

likes  artificial  watermelon  | sleeps  in  what  they  are  already  wearing  |  eats  their  cereal  with  milk  | listens  to  music  with  earbuds | listens  to  music  with  headphones  |  hates  the  summer  |  can  recite  past  the  first  four  digits  of  pi  | eats  frosting  out  of  the  jar |  doodles  on  their  notebooks  |  can  bake  cookies  |  has  a  garden  | has  had  a  snowball  fight | eats  pancakes  without  syrup  |  prefers  shorts  over  pants |  can  name  more  than  ten  superheroes  |  has  a  plan  for  the  zombie  apocalypse  |  uses  the  same  password  for  everything  |  can’t  hold  their  breath  for  more  than  fifteen  seconds  |  watches  anime  | hasn’t  read  harry  potter |  can  say  ‘i  love  you’  in  more  than  one  language |  prefers  mechanical  pencils  |  thinks  space  is  cool  |  takes  personality  tests  more  than  once  to  make  sure  |  can’t  tie  their  shoes  |  has  a  purse  |  likes  salads  | likes  cool  colors  better  than  warm  colors  |  knows  how  to  braid  hair  |  reads  biographies  | can  ice  skate  |  knows  their  mbti  |  reads  astrology  charts  |  prefers  the  star  wars  prequels  to  the  original  trilogy  |  plays  video  games |  reads  the  newspaper  |  likes  chocolate  ice  cream  best  |  doesn’t  cuss  |  memorizes  song  lyrics  |  collects  coupons  |  has  a  preferred  order  at  starbucks   |  likes  movie  theater  popcorn  |  has  seen  a  play |  owns  a  hoodie  |  would  rather  own  cds  than  online  copies  |  has  written  a  poem  |  can  shuffle  cards  |  subscribes  to  a  magazine  | double  dips  when  eating  |  drinks  directly  out  of  the  milk  container | keeps  a  journal

feel free to copy and do this for your characters! you can tag others, too. i wasn't tagged by anyone though.

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Painted Geode Skulls by Crystal Remains

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Shaun Leane, Silver Thorn Arm-Vine and Earring, made for Alexander McQueen ‘Dante’ runway show A/W 1996

the boys is inspiring me to write and draw Cori more again. she suits this sort of superhero genre so well: the kind that flips the narrative a bit and makes supers the bad guys. i'm love her.

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dahlia floral tumbler (urban outfitters, £10.00)

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Color Bar Purse | 📷: Valfre

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why is pastel goth so unpopular.... why is everyone on the internet sleeping on one of the cutests aesthetics... :<

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Alexander McQueen Fall 2016

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Are you ever so filled with love for your OCs you physically hurt that you can't draw every single one of them this moment immediately

rave asked:


thank you!! i have a few worlds, and most of them are very much like ours. and that'd be boring for these specific questions, so i'll muse about maia's craftworld for a bit.

🚗What transport is available?

It's the future and it's in space!! Most "ground" vehicles hover in some way. Maia prefers single-rider bikes. Proper space ships for fast, far travel are common too. Maia in particular makes use of one that stores one of the mentioned bikes so she can easily explore and travel no matter the planet.

🎭What do they do for entertainment, usually?

The Eldar population is smaller than it once was and much more spread out than it once was. I don't think proper sports or other entertainment is common. But I think wargames might be--tournaments for warriors between different craftworlds.

🔪What sorts of weapons are there?

Maia in particular uses a powerful sniper rifle with plasma for ammunition and a range suitable for her intense eyesight. There are lot of melee weapons out there, but few things beat a simple knife. I'm not a fan of something like lightsabers lol, and if it's not broke don't fix it. So melee weapons are relatively simple.


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Random World Building Asks!

cjadewyton -

🧜‍♀️How many sentient/sapient species are there?

⚔️What was the worst war in your world’s history?

🗺Which country(/continent/culture/faction) was your favourite to create?

⭐️What do people think the stars are made of?

🐉Explain a myth or legend that you’re proud of!

🐈Most common pet(s) of the world?

👑What sort of leadership is there? Are there kingdoms, empires, guilds, etc?

📚How does the education system work? (If there is one!)

🕷Are there any common phobias among the people that vary from our own?

🍽What might the average person’s diet look like?

🍼How are children treated?

🏏Name a common game or sport

🎭What do they do for entertainment, usually?

🎼What sort of music is there?

🚗What transport is available?

🌋Have there been any notable natural disasters in the history of your world?

🏩What is their healthcare/hospital system like?

⛪️How many religions are there?

💵Name a currency in your world

🚰Do they have indoor plumbing?

💎Are gemstones valuable?

🔪What sorts of weapons are there?

✉️Do they have a working postal system? How is it run?

🗞How do people learn about current events?

🔌Most common power source? (Electricity/coal/wind/magic/etc)

👓What kind of disability aids are commonly available?

💡Is there lighting in the streets, and what kind is it and how is it powered/maintained?

🎈Do they have balloons? (Or similar?)

👔Describe a common clothing style/fashion

🐓Is livestock common? Is it mostly on farms, or kept by regular households?

🍀What’s considered good luck?

🦠Describe a common illness found in your world